860n.01/7: Telegram

The Commissioner at Riga (Young) to the Secretary of State

81. In submitting certain suggestions regarding our policy toward Baltic States, I wish to emphasize the fact that the Soviet Government [due] largely to the Polish offensive is now [far] stronger than for months past and that there is no sign either external or internal of force or movement which might eventually bring about its overthrow. The real menace of Bolshevism and communism is but little understood and the border states, in their efforts to check its spread, should receive assistance and encouragement.

I concur fully in our All Russian policy and would merely suggest a different route in arriving at same result. The leading men here are under no illusions as to the future relation of these states to Russia and realize full well that with an orderly, well established government in Russia the Baltic Provinces will in time again become a part of what will probably be a federated Russia. With a view to assisting in bringing into being the very thing for which our Russian policy stands, I strongly recommend the immediate de facto recognition of the three states, to be followed in the near future, if conditions continue as at present, with a de jure recognition of Latvia and Lithuania, coupled with a reservation or statement to the effect that this recognition shall in no way be interpreted as a deviation from our policy of leaving to future adjustment the determination of the relations which shall exist between these states and a new Russia. Esthonia must wait until she clears herself from the taint of Bolshevism.

The foregoing are briefly my views but I shall loyally and faithfully and to the best of my ability carry out any policy determined upon by the Department.