861.00/6263: Telegram

The Commissioner at Riga (Gade) to the Secretary of State

82. General Yudenitch has been arrested in Reval by General Balakovitch acting upon Esthonian orders, Esthonia unwilling former’s departure until Yudenitch’s indebtedness to Esthonia paid. French and British attempting to secure his release.

Lithuanian representatives Helsingfors conference claim united action made impossible owing Poland’s refusal to recognize Lithuania as a state entitled to representation. Poland, Latvia and Esthonia [Page 645] agreed on draft of defensive alliance against Germany which will probably however meet many obstacles before being signed.

I am requested by Latvian Foreign Minister to inquire officially of my Government if Latvia will in the least degree jeopardize American sympathy or possible future economic assistance if she now instructs Latvian delegates in Moscow to attempt make armistice with the Bolsheviks. French and British requested forward a similar inquiry, Latvia wishing undertake nothing contrary to our wishes, but is unable any longer to continue struggle and province entirely liberated. Recent arrivals from Russia state typhus everywhere and army disorders increasing.