The Finnish Legation to the Department of State

cablegram from the foreign office, helsingfors, to the finnish legation, washington

The Conference between Finland, Poland, Esthonia, Latvia and Lithuania passed a resolution concerning the common principle for [Page 644] the maintenance of their independence and made an agreement, according to which all territorial controversies between said countries and also between them and Russia should be decided on the basis of self-determination of nations. The Conference expressed the hope that the independence and governments of the Baltic States would be, in the near future, recognized de jure. The Conference agreed to common measures for defense against danger from the East, and also that their relations to Russia should be determined in harmony with the wishes of the entente so far as those are in accordance with the indispensable interests of the countries concerned. The Conference passed a resolution concerning the arrangement of economic interests and communications between the countries, also central and local committees should be elected for the benefit of mutual economic interests. Poland agreed to let the controversy concerning the frontier between Poland and Lithuania be prepared by a special committee. The Conference decided to investigate the possibility of neutralization of the Finnish Gulf and other parts of the Sea touching the countries. The result of said investigation should be handled by a later conference. The Conference dispersed on Friday Morning.