861.00/6058: Telegram

The Consul at Reval (Hurley) to the Secretary of State

15. Attended today conference between Yudenitch and Allied Missions concerning future disposition of the northwestern forces. Esthonia has given Yudenitch option to remain in the line or, as an alternative to withdraw to Esthonia and be disarmed. The first being impossible in event of peace, terms amount to demand for withdrawal and disarmament. Yudenitch demands immediate decision on the part of Allies; first, whether the Allied Powers consider northwest front essential, second, if they do not so consider it, will these Governments render material advantage to transship northwestern army to a southern front.

Yudenitch refuses to allow Army of Northwest to be disarmed and evidently considers England, France, and United States have a moral responsibility as to its future disposition.

Am sending this information to Gade.