861.00/6666: Telegram

The High Commissioner at Constantinople ( Bristol ) to the Secretary of State

237. Following received from McCully, Novorossiisk.

“33. March 26, 10 p.m. Red forces began shelling outskirts of Novorossiisk this morning, advancing along limitations of railroad. British battleship Emperor of India, cruiser Calypso, and French cruiser Waldeck Rousseau fired in direction of Red position throughout day. Beside these there are in port five British destroyers and airplane ship Pegasus, two French destroyers, one Greek destroyer, Italian cruiser Etna, two Russian destroyers and one submarine, United States Ships Cole and Galveston. Practically all Volunteer army and Don Cossacks estimated at 15,000 men now Novorossiisk being evacuated very slowly for lack of ships. Great disorganization, but so far no serious disorder. Troops and refugees massed in the open along water front for distance three miles and on the pier. Fire burning near the dock and arms and ammunition, carts, automobiles being dumped overboard from pier. All troops embarked being sent Crimea, but impossible to evacuate all from Novorossiisk. Customary wretchedness and suffering have occurred. Cole leaves tomorrow morning for Constantinople with refugees. Galveston remains here until it is over, then will proceed to Theodosia. American consul, Red Cross, Military Mission, and all Americans except one who chose to remain have been evacuated. McCully.”