861a.01/11: Telegram

The Consul at Vladivostok (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

200. Under orders of Vladivostok Zemstvo provisional government election was held June 13 for members of “pre parliament” which is to meet here June 17 to draft constitution, prepare budget and enact any legislation considered necessary in preparation for Far Eastern Republic, expected to include all Russian territory east of Baikal. Fifty members are expected by beginning first session duration of which is not fixed; dissolution may be effected either by parliament or by Vladivostok Zemstvo government

Representatives are expected from Verkhneudinsk government which Medvedieff, president Vladivostok government, stated today he regards as practically part of the same government temporarily forcibly separated by Semenoff and parts of which will unite, with perhaps some slight alterations in each but without either becoming subservient to the other, as soon as Semenoff obstacle removed.

Parliament will have about 200 members 175 of whom are elected in proportion to population, one from each township and from each city a member [number?] equal to half the city council whose size is in proportion to population. Vladivostok will have 25 members of which Communist-Socialist Party has elected 20, Progressive Democrats (mostly former Cadets) 4 and Social Revolutionists 1. Blag-ovestchensk is expected to show similar result but it is not thought this will be true of Habarovsk and country districts. Remaining 25 are to be selected 10 from organized labor, 10 from commercial class, and 1 from each of the five Socialistic parties, the Anarchists [Page 553]and Maximalists having declined to be represented. On account of small population Kamchatka and Saghalin are allowed only one representative each.

As will be seen powers and functions of socalled parliament are very vague but it is possible that it may be a permanent step forward in Russian government. Repeated to Tokyo and Peking.