861.00/6947: Telegram

The Consul at Vladivostok (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

180. Department’s telegram May 26, 12 a.m.77 Man in question spells name in English “A. Krasnoschokoff.” He was in Vladivostok during the Soviet regime in 1918 when he was interviewed by Consul Douglas Jenkins. From here he went to Habarovsk and Blago-vestchensk and after Czechs overthrew soviet here he disappeared in the Amur district until recently when he reappeared as minister of foreign affairs of peoples revolutionary government in Verchneu-dinsk. He formerly practiced law in Chicago under the name of Tobelson.

I have just received from former British Acting High Commissioner, Hodgson, letter written in English dated Verchneudinsk April 1920 signed by Krasnoschokoff over the above mentioned title addressed to the British High Commissioner, Lampson, enclosing English and Russian text of declaration of constituent convention of the above government a copy of which I am forwarding by mail.77 This document emphasizes the necessity for the formation of a buffer state including all Russian territory east of Baikal and appeals for [Page 551]opening of strictly economic negotiations to the Governments of the United States, Great Britain, Japan, China, France, Italy, Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Bepublic and all governments and nations of the world.

Changes are being made in members of Zemstvo provisional government here which will be improvement and prospect now appears good for actual formation of a single buffer state east of Baikal combining governments now existing here, at Verchneudinsk and at Blagovestchensk provided Semenoff at Chita can be eliminated or brought into line which can only be accomplished by the Japanese Army. A few days ago former Kalmikoff officers arrested militia in Spasskoe, a small town on the railroad about 350 miles north of Vladivostok, and attempted to start new provisional government but were later disarmed by the Japanese. Rumors of similar attempt here have been current recently and some arrests have been made as a preventive measure while the Japanese have announced that they will disarm any persons attempting to overthrow present provisional government by force. Repeated to Tokyo and Peking.

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