861.00/6524: Telegram

The Consul at Harbin (Jenkins) to the Acting Secretary of State

According Czech reports new government Trans-Baikal to be formed at Verkhneudinsk with representatives from Irkutsk, Center and certain local Zemstvos leaders. Selenga River western border. Bolsheviki said to favor movement which will work with Vladivostok government. Voizechovski who [apparent omission] remnant Kap-pel army has largely supplanted Semenoff. He is reported to have informed Vladivostok government he will not make peace with Bolsheviki. Semenoff representatives, Harbin, continue sending men in small groups to join Semenoff or Voizechovski. Chinese customs authorities seized $105,000 gold coin from wife of Semenoff passing through Harbin. Czechs report Soviet regular army occupied Irkutsk 7th.