861.00/7170: Telegram

The Chargé in Japan (Bell) to the Secretary of State


360. General Staff has informed military attaché that there is to be sent to northern Saghalien a brigade of the 7th Division which is stationed at Hokkaido. This increases the total additional troops sent to Siberia to one division, as it is in addition to the brigade recently sent to Vladivostok. Before winter the Japanese will withdraw to northern Saghalien the composite regiment which at present is at Nikolaievsk. At present it is not intended to send any detachments north of Saghalien Island (my no. 353, July 20.)

Accounts have lately appeared in the newspapers of preparations by the Government to send to northern Saghalien mining and other experts in order to exploit the natural resources of the northern part of the island while it is being “temporarily” occupied.