861.00/7034: Telegram

The Chargé in Japan (Bell) to the Secretary of State

297. I have just received following note dated yesterday from Minister for Foreign Affairs. I have telegraphed text to consul at Vladivostok for his information and have sent copies of note to American consuls in Japanese Empire:

“I have the honor to inform you that I am in receipt of a telegraphic message of the following purport from Secretary Hanaoka at Nikolaevsk.

The Bolshevik having sown mines and sunk ships in waters round Pronge promontory near Nikolaevsk and the channel to the port of Pronge, navigation in those waters is dangerous. Further resistance that may be offered by the Partizans may make it necessary to extend the zone of belligerency. In these circumstances the Imperial army of expedition have decided to inhibit navigation of ships in some parts of these waters and also to exercise control in the northern littoral, outside of the above mentioned zone in regard to the landing of goods that are to be or may be put to the use of the Partizans or when [to] that of Russians of whom there is a fear of their being in collusion with the Partizans.

The measures decided to be enforced as above stated being unavoidable under the circumstances and operative quite irrespective of the nationality of ships, I have the further honor to request you to be so good as to advise to the above effect all persons and parties coming under your jurisdiction or protection who may be interested in the matter.