861.00/6795: Telegram

The Consul at Vladivostok (Caldwell) to the Secretary of State

119. Supplementing my telegram number 113, April 16, 3 p.nu Russian-Japanese commission formed to settle peaceably incident of April 4th, 5th received from Japanese members proposition of which following is summarized translation.

Russian armed forces of all parties must make following zones: (a) zones with radius of 30 kilometres from localities where there are Japanese agreement; (b) zones between line 30 kilometers east and north of Ussuri railway and Russian-Chinese-Korean borders; (c) zone along Suchan Railroad and 30 kilometres from end directions.
For preserving order and regulating traffic in above mentioned zones presence of certain number Russian forces is permitted. Guarding of railroad to be carried out according to regulations of Inter-Allied Military Committee in accordance with agreement regarding control of railroad reached by Allied Powers.
All Russian naval vessels, arms and ammunition and other material for hostile actions and factories therefor in above mentioned regions to be temporarily held by Japanese.
To reestablish as speedily as possible transportation in above mentioned regions, Japanese giving aid if necessary.
Speedy execution of above, special Russian-Japanese commission to be formed therefor if necessary.
Details of above to be worked out later by mutual agreement of both parties.

Workmen in railway and electric light plants still on strike and only few military trains run by Japanese. Food and fuel shortage begins to be acute and burglaries frequent.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .