861.00/6701: Telegram

The Consul at Vladivostok (Macgowan) to the Secretary of State

99. Japanese forces gradually extended occupation important heights around Vladivostok last month. April 1 hoisted flag Tiger Hill commanding railway station with infantry trenches, at the same time placing 38 machine guns, one field piece, abundant ammunition on fort number six, most important local fortification commanding railway approaches from the north.

General Takyanagi April 2d presented to provisional government six demands: (1) barracks, food, transportation and other requirements of Japanese forces; (2) ratification all agreements between Japanese and any Russian governments and commanders, agreements not being defined; (3) immunity of all persons assisting [Page 507]Japanese military; (4) suppression of all movements threatening Japanese forces or peace and rise [rights?] of Korea and Manchuria; (5) suppression of all anti-Japanese press utterances; (6) ample safeguard of life and property and other rights of Japanese subjects, including Korean loan.

Russo-Japanese commission Sunday began discussing demands and adjourned ostensibly to meet today.

Ten o’clock last night Japanese began occupying city at the railway. Firing general throughout city by midnight. Provisional government headquarters bombarded point blank range from three quarters.

After brief machine gun fire apparently from the balcony above the American consulate, packhorse with machine gun or other ordnance was led up garden steps. Japanese officer on the balcony shouted orders to detachments sent from premises and directed rifle fire. Today I wrote Japanese diplomatic officer protesting and requesting such action be not repeated, directing attention priority consulate lease provision forbidding pickets on common ground and also to presence sand bags indicating premeditation.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .