861.00/6464: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Morris) to the Acting Secretary of State

71. Supplementing my 66 February 25, 9 p.m. Following the decision of the Cabinet to withdraw Japanese troops from Siberia the General Staff has already prepared a detailed plan of operations for submission to the Diplomatic Advisory Council. This plan contemplates ultimate complete withdrawal from Siberia with the exception of Vladivostok and Nikolsk. Already the Amur line is being abandoned. This is to be followed by withdrawal from the Trans-Baikal region as soon as the Czechs have all left. Thus the final line to be occupied by Japanese troops will be Vladivostok-Nikolsk and thence along the Chinese Eastern Railway. In Northern Manchuria, Chinese and Japanese troops will guard the frontier [Page 505]together in accordance with the terms of the Sino-Japanese military agreement and will assume the offensive if Bolsheviki troops attempt to enter Manchuria, No Bolsheviki activity will be allowed along the Chinese Eastern Eailway zone, Japanese troops along the Vladivostok–Nikolsk line will be concentrated in large bodies, remain neutral and on the defense, only fighting if attacked. The occupation of Vladivostok is deemed essential for the protection of Korea. Repeated to Peking.