861.00/6185: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan ( Morris ) to the Secretary of State

22. The note which was telegraphed to Ambassador Shidehara last night for delivery to you in answer to our Government’s notice [Page 496] of withdrawal from Siberia is the result of the long continued discussion in the Cabinet and the Diplomatic Advisory Council. Its moderate and friendly tone represents the attitude of both Hara35 and Uchida who determined to continue at least the appearance of cordial relations with the United States. I have received, however, in many informal talks during the past week the very definite impression that the unexpected suddenness of our decision not only embarrassed the present Ministry but has left in the official as well as the public mind a sense of disillusion and uncertainty. I fear therefore that during this period of reaction we must be prepared for a considerable increase of suspicion and reserve in the attitude of Japanese officials.

  1. Takashi Hara, Japanese Prime Minister.