861.00/6109: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Japan (Morris)32

7. Repeat following to Legation Peking, to Harris and to Consul Vladivostok to be given by him to Smith, Stevens, and Graves. It will be released to press at Washington Tuesday January 13th.33

[Page 491]

“On December 8, 1919, the Japanese Ambassador at Washington, pursuant to instructions from his Government, invited the attention of the Secretary of State34 to the recent unfavorable development of the situation in Siberia, and inquired whether the United States proposed to maintain the status quo, or to proceed to entire or partial withdrawal of its troops, or whether it was ready to send reenforcements in case of need.

“The Secretary of State has today communicated to the Japanese Ambassador the decision of the Government of the United States in the following memorandum:

[Here follows memorandum printed on page 487.]

  1. The same, except the first sentence, to the Ambassador in Great Britain as no. 19, with instructions to “Communicate following to Foreign Office and repeat to Paris, Rome and Prague for similar action.”
  2. The memorandum was released to the press Jan. 16.
  3. Memorandum not printed.