611.60c15/4: Telegram

The Minister in Poland ( Gibson ) to the Secretary of State


197. My 188, April 1, 4 p.m. Had two hours conference this afternoon with Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Commerce, accompanied by White and McBride.45 Prime Minister began by saying that they were all deeply pained at feeling that Government was unfriendly to Americans, that on the contrary they were animated by a spirit of deep friendship and gratitude and desired to give us satisfaction in every way. Then one by one the other Ministers took up our cause for complaint, having brought many of the papers with them. They were distinctly on the defensive and appeared anxious to find satisfactory solutions.

On a number of these questions we were able to secure more reasonable views and on some satisfactory decisions were given and orders given on the spot. The following promises of definite and early action were made.

The Prime Minister to have a circular issued to all Government officers with which foreigners have dealings instructing them to show not only courtesy but a spirit of helpfulness in handling foreign matters. Any cases involving difficulties to be immediately reported to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
The Minister of Interior to issue a circular to all police and gendarmes officials admonishing them against arbitrary action in dealing with foreigners. All cases affecting foreigners to be immediately reported to the Foreign Office.
A competent official to be assigned as commissioner for American affairs in the Foreign Office. It will be his duty to secure prompt and satisfactory action on pending matters and follow them through other Ministries. It is possible that Count Zoltowski who was assigned to Morgenthau Mission46 and proved himself highly efficient will be chosen for this duty. …

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1. Harry A. McBride, consul at Warsaw.
  2. For papers concerning mission, see Foreign Relations, 1919, vol. ii, pp. 773 ff.