760c.61/233: Telegram

The Consul at Danzig (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

Danzig Constitutional Assembly voted yesterday resolution approved by all parties except [Poles] and independent Socialists requesting municipal authorities to proclaim strict neutrality in watch [war] Poland and Russia and to notify the interested powers immediately. Polish deputies called such action a hostile attitude towards Poland. Independent Socialists speakers rejected proclamation of neutrality as a paper declaration and condemned shipment of American food stuffs, locomotives and other supplies via Danzig as being in the nature of opening for exchange with Poland. With reference to reported embargo on American ships at Danzig the circumstances appear to be that the Allied authorities will compel such vessels to remain in the roads in view of the impossibility of discharging them at Danzig for the present. The High Commissioner informs me that British soldiers are unable to discharge such vessels, their fish of the Triton cargo having been an exception.