760c.61/138: Telegram

The Chargé in Poland (White) to the Secretary of State

424. Red armies having taken Lomza and Brest Litowsk are advancing from those points towards Warsaw, from which they are now in places 100 kilometers removed.

In view of the Government’s determination to remain in Warsaw until the last moment, the roads out from the capital may well be cut before the appointed time of evacuation.

I would like the authority of the Department to remove consulate and the bulk of my staff to a safer place, probably Graudenz, but if as seems quite likely your authority does not come in time I shall take that responsibility myself.

The relief organizations have assured me they are capable of taking care of themselves in the matter of evacuation. James White of Polish National Committee and Colonel Barber of railroad mission [Page 386] have been helping me with other compatriots. The main problem appears to be to evacuate some 200 American Jews who have come for their families. The consulate has been working nights and Sundays and with the cooperation of the Hebrew Sheltering Immigrant Aid Society it is hoped that most if not all will be shipped out in good time to Danzig. I have advised all above Americans to leave.