The Polish Appointed Minister (Lubomirshi) to the Secretary of State

No. 1212

The Minister of Poland presents his compliments to the Secretary of State and begs to bring to his notice the following:

In answer to the first proposition of peace, wired by the Government of Soviet Russia to Warsaw, the Polish Government transmitted its conditions which at the same time were made known to the Minister of the United States of America in Warsaw, and which contained among other points the one that the peace negotiations should take place at Borysow, a city lying close to the fighting lines.

This condition was considered indispensable by the Polish Government because of the danger of possible propaganda and of direct contact of the delegates of Soviet Russia and their agents with the communists of other nationalities in case that another place more accessible from the outside world were to be chosen.

It is well known to the Allied Nations as well as to the Government of Poland in what a high strung atmosphere the peace discussions at Brest Litewski took place in the year of 1917, and how strenuously the Bolshevik Delegates were then endeavoring to make their voice heard.

The Polish Government desires that in this present historical moment when the question of peace is to be solved, the communistic agitation should not break through from Russia into Poland, and into western Europe, and should not be coming to disturb this peace for which the whole world is so eager.

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Contrary to this just desire on the side of the Polish Government, the Government of Soviet Russia has taken a negative stand and refuses to send its delegates to Borysow, and claims referring this point to the representatives of the Allied Nations.

This step of the Government of Soviet Russia, evidently expresses a desire on their side to use the authority of the Allied Governments in view of a pressure on the Government of Poland.

The Polish Government considers that in a question so very important for the whole world at present, when all depends on stopping the Bolshevik propaganda from endangering Europe, this stand should be supported by the Government of the United States of America, and the Minister of Poland would be most grateful if the Secretary of State, could find the means to declare officially that the Government of the United States of America shares in this matter the views of the Government of Poland.