760c.61/8: Telegram

The Minister in Poland (Gibson) to the Secretary of State

51. For Polk: It would be of the greatest help in determining my course here if I could have some intimation as to the general policy of our Government toward Poland. Can you let me have answers to the following questions:

Does our Government desire
That Poland resist intention of Bolshevist invasion by force of arms or,
That the Poles make peace with the Bolshevists?
If the former, does our Government favor material and financial support to Poland and is there early prospect of some action being taken in this regard by us? What is our policy toward inducing the other great powers to assume some share of the burden?
If we inform Poland that she can [expect?] no material support or if we encourage her to conclude peace she will undoubtedly do so on the best terms she can secure. In that event what measures does our Government consider desirable to prevent the spread of Bolshevist doctrines to more western countries?
Will the Department give me some idea of the attitude of the other great powers on this question?