The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State

No. 1933

Sir: Adverting to my despatch No. 1282 of September 9, 1919,1 I have the honor to transmit herewith, for the information of the Department, a further consignment of the compilations of wireless news from December 20, 1919, to January 3, 1920 inclusive, with which I have been furnished by the Foreign Office.

I have [etc.]

John W. Davis

Extract from the “Wireless News” of December 23, 1919

Bolsheviks Propose Peace to Poland

A long message, dated Moscow, Dec. 22, has been addressed by Tchitcherin, People’s Commissary for Foreign Affairs, to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at Warsaw, making a formal proposal that negotiations shall be entered into between Poland and Soviet Russia, with a view to the conclusion of a permanent peace between the two countries. The Polish Government are asked to fix a place and a date for the negotiations.

  1. Not printed.