834.156/58: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Paraguay (Mooney)

Your despatches July 24, September 3 and September 1518 regarding Asunción Port Concession. Department is informed that Packing Company has withdrawn objection to renewal of concession in view of adjustment with Port Company. Department understands Packing Company has notified its representative in Paraguay and possibly Paraguayan Government of this arrangement. With regard to suggestion that American character of enterprise may be lost by assignment of concession, Port Company now informs Department it has contract with banking interests requiring organization and control of Port Company to be American. You are instructed to call upon Minister of Foreign Affairs and state substance of above. Call attention to understanding of this Government that Port Company now has money available to proceed with construction of port and ask for reconsideration of this matter by the President with a view to extending the life of the Concession. Department is today requesting answer from Paraguayan Minister to notes of February 7, February 26, April 19 and March 13, copies of which you already have.

  1. None printed.