125.61383 J 41/70

The Chargé in Mexico ( Summerlin ) to the Secretary of State

No. 3318

Sir: With reference to the Jenkins Case, I have the honor to report that the Mexican Supreme Court decided, on August 12, that the District Judge of Puebla has jurisdiction in this case. I am informed by Mr. Jenkins’ lawyer that the proceedings in the case should be transferred immediately to the District Court, and that he expects an early and favorable decision in the matter.

[Page 259]

In this connection I enclose copy of a letter from Mr. Jenkins, dated August 11, in which he reports that he has finally secured a certified copy of the recent evidence in the case referred to in my despatches No. 3224 of June 30, 1920, and No. 3275 of July 27, 1920.83

A further report on this evidence will be submitted as soon as the certified copy thereof is furnished the Embassy.

I have [etc.]

George T. Summerlin
  1. Letter and despatches not printed.