The Special Representative of the Provisional Government of Mexico ( Iglesias Calderón ) to the Chief of the Division of Mexican Affairs, Department of State ( Johnston )


Sir: My esteemed friend, Mr. Summerlin, very kindly gave me to understand that on my arrival in the city, I should not find the Honorable [Page 174] Mr. Colby here, as he had to attend the Convention of the Democratic Party now being held in San Francisco, California, but that I could call on you for a chat and discuss informally the preliminaries of the Mission with which I have been entrusted by my Government. In the absence of the Honorable the Secretary of State, therefore, and in compliance with the suggestions of Mr. Summerlin, I wish especially to shake your hand and I hope that you will please appoint a day and hour when I may do so.

I avail myself of this opportunity to beg you to present to the President in my name my most respectful salutations with the understanding that those salutations which I shall repeat at the proper time as High Commissioner of Mexico are now presented by the gentleman who thankfully remembers the distinction which President Wilson was pleased to confer upon him on June 1, 1914, by receiving him in private audience.

I take [etc.]

Fernando Iglesias Calderón