812.00/23610: Telegram

The Consul at Nogales ( Dyer ) to the Secretary of State

Garrisons in central part of State have been divided between Sinaloa and Agua Prieta, about 850 troops in two trains having gone to Naco last night to be sent from there to Agua Prieta. Cananea and other towns have been stripped leaving only corporals guard for recruiting. Governor promised me yesterday that he would give Cananea sufficient protection and the local merchants there have [Page 141] arranged for employment of about 20 additional policemen, but Chinese are apprehensive and ask that I make representations to State Government and also request permission for them to cross into United States here at Naco and Agua Prieta for temporary safety if necessary. Indications are that special tax levy will be made on Chinese merchants here, it being alleged that they have made fraudulent returns concerning the volume of their business.

Refusal of Post Office Department to let Sonora mail enter the States is criticised in border towns. To bring mail overland from El Paso or Juarez would take week or ten days and meanwhile consular and American business mail as well as Mexican is held up.

Arizona business men are greatly disturbed and are protesting to Governor and Senators against granting permission for Carranza troops to cross United States territory. Border towns especially fear inevitable ruin if neutrality not be observed in this contest as they say that Sonora could and would back up its protest by a permanent business boycott. Sonora people are saying little but show anxiety about policy of United States. No efforts are being made to move freight for Sonora held on Southern Pacific tracks in Nogales.