812.00/23557: Telegram

The Consul at Nogales ( Dyer ) to the Secretary of State

The State Government decided last night that President Carranza was violating the Constitution by sending troops into Sonora without the request or consent of Sonora Congress or Governor and that in consequence relations with the Federal Government would be broken off. The Mexican consul and also others inform me that this morning a telegram was sent from Hermosillo to President Carranza stating that his authority would no longer be recognized. Carranza replied would send 20,000 men here. It is believed that the customs houses will be taken over this afternoon. Claim is made that there are nearly 6,000 troops in Sonora all of them men of Sonora beside 3500 Yaquis under arms. These are said to be ample to preserve order and it is held that the sending of more troops would arouse suspicions of United States as to intentions and possibly rupture good relations existing between Sonora and Arizona.

General Plank whom Carranza tried to remove has placed his own services and his 300 fiscal guards at disposal of Governor de la Huerta. There seems to be no local excitement.