812.00/23546: Telegram

The Consul at Nogales (Dyer) to the Secretary of State

General P. Elias Calles and Governor de la Huerta with brass band arrived this morning from Hermosillo on special train bringing word that State Congress [sent] yesterday to President Carranza a telegram protesting against the movement of General Diéguez from Guadalajara with troops to take military command in Sonora and saying that it is disingenuous to claim that this is merely to preserve order for Sonora was never more tranquil than now. The President is informed that his action cannot be considered other than a deliberate attempt to make a farce of the approaching election.

An extra edition of La Nacion newspaper is just out containing text of above telegram and a proclamation by the Partido Liberal de Nogales declaring that this is a matter of life and death for Sonora and for all the Republic because the Federal Government is trying to impose on the nation by the bloody bayonet the hateful candidacy of Bonillas to elect whom would be the first step toward an American protectorate and the eventual disappearance of Mexico from the map as a nation.

There will be a conference this afternoon among the leaders. La Nacion calls for all to get together regardless of party to defend Sonora and throughout the State troops are already mobilizing but wires are cut and news is difficult to obtain. The strike situation remains unchanged but should the Federal Government try to take over the railroad there may be fighting. Calles has demanded that customs receipts be deposited with State Government at Hermosillo as formerly and this may be first step to attempt to seize customs houses.