814.00/379: Telegram

The Minister in Guatemala (McMillin) to the Secretary of State

61. Leaders of Unionist Party sent today to the dean of the diplomatic corps for transmission to the members of the corps a communication, the substance of which is as follows:

In view of the official declaration made by the Minister of the United States in the name of his Government and published by him in Guatemala, we come to manifest to Your Excellency in order that you may transmit it to your Government and to the other representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to this Government, that in view of the conduct followed by the President of Guatemala during his long continuance in power, it would not be strange if he himself would counterfeit a revolution in order to bring upon our party the disapprobation of the Government of the United States and obtain an opportunity to satisfy his desire for vengeance.

Once more we come to state in a categorical manner that our intentions have not been, are not, and will not be contrary to the maintenance of the peace. Our labor, as our activity up to the present time has fully demonstrated, has been entirely evolutionary and within the law, in spite of the bloody provocations of the ruler and his agents, [omission?] the presence of the honorable diplomatic corps.

The President of the Republic, who fears that grave accusations will be presented against him before the National Assembly, will undoubtedly try before next Thursday to disturb the public order and counterfeit a revolution. He has given orders that, until further advice the classes of the schools in this capital shall be suspended and he is distributing arms in the neighborhood of the various barracks. We repeat that a man who was insolent enough to publish by means of his paid and semiofficial press that events of the 11th of March was due to the Reunionist Party is capable of everything.

In view of the gravity of the above mentioned events we are complying with our duty in denying any responsibility on our part, and in making such a formal declaration we avail ourselves of the opportunity to present to Your Excellency the assurances of our highest consideration.