868.001 C 76/19: Telegram

The Minister in Greece (Capps) to the Acting Secretary of State

271. Return of Constantine Sunday evoked great popular enthusiasm. Foreign Missions did not participate in reception. King states in proclamation that returning in response to unanimous summons of people he will devote his life to their service, rigorously observing constitutional and parliamentary regime; seeking unity and peace at home and in foreign affairs, the complete rehabilitation of the Greek Nation in reliance upon the Army. He will follow [Page 709] the traditional foreign policy cementing relations with the great Allied Powers and will strengthen ties with Servia. New connection with Roumania by double marriage of royal families referred to. Noticeable is absence of recognition of Venizelos’ work and of any note of conciliation to Liberals also assumption of Royal prerogative to direct country’s policy, a prerogative which King George wisely did not claim and which Venizelos declares is not granted by constitution. Recall of British and French Ministers received by them Friday has been revoked for present, reason unknown, but believed due to Italy as British Minister has notified Government that while remaining he will entertain no relationship King. Ministry has resigned pro forma but King requests it to continue in office until the contemplated Constituent Assembly shall have finished its work.