868.00/232: Telegram

The Minister in Greece (Capps) to the Acting Secretary of State

263. Plebiscite yesterday marked by considerable enthusiasm and no disorders. Venizelists and Labor Party abstained. Consequently practically whole vote cast was in favor of Constantine. … In spite of abstention of 45 per cent of voters in Attica [and] Boeotia total vote was 12,000 larger than in the recent general elections. Similar phenomenon observed generally and openly declared by government organs to be honest expression of people. … The plebiscite shows only what the general elections showed that perhaps 55 per cent of all the Greeks and probably 75 per cent of the population of old Greece really desire at this moment the return of Constantine at no matter what cost. For a large proportion of these this sentiment is of recent origin; as long as Alexander lived there was little popular discontent on the subject of the King though much activity on the part of the pro-Constantinists. Their organization proved most effective after King’s death in the concentration of all the elements of discontent into a positive popular demand for the former King. The Government is expected to answer the Powers’ collective note of Saturday by demanding their specific charges against Constantine and to summon him to the throne while the debate is progressing. Meanwhile the reactionaries are being restored to office … While awaiting instructions regarding Department’s attitude toward present government and toward Royal Government soon to be expected, am abstaining from action that might seem to commit us though transacting business with present government as occasion demands.