893.51/3011: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Japan (Bell)25

409. It is desired that you recall to the attention of the Government to which you are accredited that the Resolutions adopted by the Consortium meeting at New York provided that “all resolutions taken by the delegates as recorded in the Minutes of the Consortium are subject to the approval of the Governments of the respective groups.” This Government has for its part conveyed to the American Group the formal approval thus contemplated and hopes that the Government to which you are accredited has placed its approval similarly on record.

Repeat to Peking as Department’s 312 for information.

  1. The same, with the omission of the last paragraph, to the Chargé in Great Britain as no. 1116, with instructions to repeat to the Ambassador in France as no. 1601. See last paragraph for instructions to repeat to Peking as no. 312 for information.