893.51/3020: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Japan (Bell)24

408. The Consortium meeting held at New York October 11th to 15th adopted the following resolution “With reference to the application of a Belgian Group for inclusion in the Consortium it was resolved to welcome such inclusion subject to the approval of the respective Governments of the parties to the Consortium.”

It is desired that you inform the Government to which you are accredited that this Government approves of the admission of a Belgian bankers group to the Consortium and suggests that the Belgian Government be informed by the interested powers that upon its approval and acceptance of the Consortium agreement and resolutions a Belgian Group will be welcomed into the Consortium.

Repeat to Peking as Department’s 311 for information.

  1. The same, with the omission of the last paragraph, to the Chargé in Great Britain as no. 1115, with instructions to repeat to the Ambassador in France as no. 1600. See last paragraph for instructions to repeat to Peking as no. 311 for information.