Paris Peace Conf. 772.73/4

The Embassy in France to the Commission to Negotiate Peace

The American Embassy at Paris presents its compliments to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace and has the honor to enclose herewith for its information, copy and translation of a letter from the Minister for Foreign Affairs a. i. of Montenegro transmitting translation of a note received by him from the Servian Chargé d’Affaires near the Montenegrin Government, in which the latter states that his functions have come to an end from the date of December 4th on which date, he writes, the union between Montenegro and Servia became effective.


The Montenegrin Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Chotch ) to the American Chargé in France ( Bliss )

No. 2929

Mr. Chargé d’Affaires: This morning we have received from the Chargé d’Affaires of Servia near the Montenegrin Government, a note informing us that the diplomatic functions of the representative of the Servian Government have come to an end “inasmuch as on the 4th of this month, the union between Montenegro and Servia became effective.” (Kindly find enclosed the literal translation of the said document.)

Such an action fully shows up in all their cynicism the arbitrary procedures of official Servia. It discloses even to those minds most prejudiced against Montenegro, her sovereigns, and her legal representatives, the secret motives of the odious campaign which started eleven years ago and was conducted these last months with unheard of violence. The inadmissible note we are communicating to you proves how thoroughly justified were the remarks we had thought fit to express to you previously regarding the clandestine plans of the Servian Government.

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In order not to disturb the harmony which should reign between Allies, we have hitherto in sad resignation borne calumny, defamation, insult, denunciation and plottings, but this time, with all our strength, we indignantly raise our voices in protest against an action which violates our most sacred rights and which, we dare to hope, will meet with unanimous reprobation from the civilized world.

The actions of the Servian Government are not only an outrage to the sovereignty of Montenegro; they offend the ideas and designs of the Allies who have solemnly proclaimed on several occasions their wish to reinstate our country whose liberty and independence have been acquired after six centuries of strife.

Therefore, in the name of the Royal Government of Montenegro, I have the honor to place before Your Excellency our most earnest protests. They are those of a country which has sacrificed itself through solidarity for Servia and which, in 1915 saved the army of that monarchy so eager to-day to annex its former ally. The heroic devotion and abnegation of Montenegro is now reaping this day the reward that Jesus met with Golgotha!

We are convinced that our Great Allies will surely receive our legitimate protests with sympathy. Do they not denounce a flagrant violation of the principles upheld by the Entente and their associates? Since Metternich and Bismarck such machinations are no longer seemly, and those for whom obligations and right are not mere scraps of paper, can but severely censure official Servia for its brutal covetousness. We are confident that your Excellency’s Government will find the way to exact respect for our undeniable rights from the Servian Government which has forgotten what is due to all the Allies in the great war.

Kindly accept [etc.]

Dr. P. Chotch

The Chargé d’Affaires of the Serbian Legation to Montenegro ( Popovitch ) to the Montenegrin Ministry for Foreign Affairs

No. 432

By order of the Royal Government, I have the honor to inform the Royal Government, that the diplomatic functions of the representative of the Royal Government near your Ministry, must be considered as having ceased, inasmuch as on the 4th of this month, the union between Montenegro and Servia became effective.

Tihomir Popovitch
  1. Translation filed separately under Paris Peace Conf. 772.73/2.