Paris Peace Conf. 772.73/5

The Montenegrin Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Chotch ) to the American Chargé in France ( Bliss )

No. 20

Monsieur le Chargé d’Affaires: The Parisian press of this day, at the same time that it announces the entry of French troops into Cettigne (as early as the 2nd of December), gives news of the formation of a “directory” charged with the administration of the affairs of Montenegro until the union with Serbia may be effected. It is sufficient to examine only for an instant the composition of the “directory” to be convinced that it is the work of agents of the Serbian Government and that the will of the Montenegrin people is enslaved. Of the five members composing the “directory” in question, three were convicted in 1907 for the role that they played in the bomb-shell affair (conspiracy plotted at Belgrade against the security of the Montenegrin State and its dynasty).

Any act of this strange organism, as well as any which has been done since the entrance of Serbian troops into our territory, is and will be tainted with illegality, violates the constitution of the country and delivers a blow against its established powers, recognized by the Allies, tending uniquely to thwart the integral restoration of Montenegro.

Referring to our preceding notes, of which the last was No. 2929 of Date 29 December last,11 I have the honor to bring the foregoing facts to the knowledge of our Great Allies as new facts, which prove what proceedings official Serbia is using against Montenegro, her rights, and her honor.

Accept [etc.]

Dr. P. Chotoh
  1. File translation revised from French text filed under Paris Peace Conf. 772.73/8
  2. Ante, p. 359.