Paris Peace Conf. 772.73/8

The Montenegrin Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs ( Chotch ) to the American Chargé in France ( Bliss )


Mr. Chargé d’Affaires: Montenegro is formally blockaded by the Serbian authorities. The conspirators and agents of official Serbia alone have access to the country. The Montenegrins are no longer masters in their own home. The Statesmen of Montenegro and the Deputies of parliament appeal to the Allies in order that this blockade be removed and that they be allowed to come out of the country to come to Rome and Paris. The reports received by us are to the effect that the occupation of Montenegro by Serbian troops is identical with the occupation by the enemy. Regrettable consequences [Page 359]are to be feared and armed conflicts to be foreseen. The Montenegrins beg that the Allied troops may be sent immediately to Montenegro and that the Serbian troops and authorities be sent away from the country. The Serbian command is already proceeding to the enrollment of Montenegrins and intends to send them into Serbia.

Following on our preceding notes, I have the honor to bring the foregoing to the knowledge of our Great Allies.

With assurances [etc.]

Dr. P. Chotoh