862.48/118: Telegram

The Special Representative ( House ) to the Secretary of State

134. I have just been advised that the following telegram has been sent by Clemenceau to Marshal Foch:

“Be good enough to communicate to the German plenipotentiaries that as to that which concerns the supplying of Germany, the German people have only to refer to the text of the armistice, which makes known our intention to furnish it [with?] supplies to such an extent as we shall deem necessary. The Allied Governments are studying [Page 27] at this time means of realizing this intention. The Allied Council of Supply will make known to the German Government the conditions under which this supply can be operated as soon as the representative sent by the United States Government has arrived in Europe, Mr. Hoover being expected at the end of the following week.

The carrying out of the concessions to the demands of the German people cannot but be hastened if they hold ready the detailed information relative to these demands such as all information as to production, stock et cetera, and its system of dividing it.”

Edward House