The Italian Ambassador ( Macchi di Cellere ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Phillips )

My Dear Mr. Phillips: My Government informs me that it has received a communication from the German Government asking for a modification and interpretation of the armistice, especially in regard to the economic intercourse between the left bank of the Rhine and the rest of Germany, the exploitation of mines, the navigation of the Rhine, the requisitioning of goods, etc., etc.

The German Government wishes to know also at what place its representatives may meet the Allied plenipotentiaries to discuss all these questions.

Baron Sonnino, assuming that the United States Government has also received such a communication,8 informs me that he would appreciate knowing the opinion of the United States Government on this matter, with a view to giving an answer to the German Government in agreement with those of the Allied Governments.

I have recourse to your courtesy and will very much appreciate it if you will let me know.

Believe me [etc.]

Macchi di Cellere
  1. See telegram No. 5872, Nov. 20, 1918, from the Minister in Switzerland, p. 22; also note of Nov. 26, 1918, from the Swiss Minister, p. 34 (file No. 763.72119/2811).