The Swedish Legation to the Department of State


The German Minister at Stockholm has pointed out to the Swedish Government, that if the stringent conditions of the armistice imposed upon Germany by the Allies cannot, to some extent, be modified, a grave danger of increased Bolshevistic activities would threaten Germany as well as neighboring countries. To avert such a calamity the Germans are very anxious to obtain a modification in these conditions especially for the purpose of raising the blockade of the Baltic and the North Sea, of mitigating the stipulations governing the surrendering of railroad-material, of preventing the exportation of raw material from the parts of Germany which are occupied by the Allies and of the maintenance of the free economic exchange within those regions as well as from them to other parts of Germany and abroad.

The German Minister further directed an appeal to the Swedish Government, to, if possible, obtain for the neutrals a release of the restrictions stipulated as to their free exportation to Germany, and finally, it has especially been pointed out the great importance of having the blockade raised in such a manner as to release the German fishing in the North Sea.

As to the possibility of an export of foodstuffs and other necessities to Germany from Sweden, the available supply is in the latter country, for the present, so scant—according to what has been stated by the Swedish Government—that all exportation to an extent which would render perceptible relief to the German people is excluded. And, besides, the tonnage and rolling stock presently at the disposal of Sweden are so limited that although the Swedish Government is strongly convinced of the great importance of a speedy and effective victualizing of Germany as a means of checking the Bolshevistic movement, it regrets its inability to furnish, under present conditions, transportation facilities which would be required for the shipping: of a somewhat adequate amount of provisions to Germany.