File No. 763.72Su/25a

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page)


6841. You are instructed to deliver the following message from the United States Government to the Government to which you are accredited, advising General Bliss of the contents thereof:

The United States Government has been advised by General Bliss, its military representative on the Supreme War Council, of the resolution taken by the Executive War Board of the Supreme War Council on March 4 or 5 with reference to the creation of the inter-Allied general reserve provided for by the Supreme War Council at its session of February 2. While admitting the possibility that the military situation on the British front may make it impracticable to assign British divisions to the inter-Allied general reserve, nevertheless the United States Government hopes that the principle involved in establishing such a general reserve will not be abandoned, and that the Allies who are able to contribute to such reserve will promptly do so.1

  1. See also telegram to the Ambassador, No. 6935, Mar. 19, post, p. 168.