File No. 761.91/55

The Minister in Persia ( Caldwell ) to the Secretary of State


I hear that the Shah, under British pressure, has asked resignation of Persian Cabinet but they refuse to give their resignations.

[My colleagues, the ministers of the Allied Powers, together with Spanish Minister, are obtaining an audience with the Shah for the purpose of demanding resignation of Persian Cabinet and to request the Shah to set aside recently enacted order annulling Russian treaties and conventions and concessions. See my telegram of August 1, 10 a.m. My Allied colleagues have asked me to go with them to see the Shah and to join these demands. I have refused to do so or to commit Department to such course until instructed by my Government, believing that such action would be likely to impair if not destroy our favorable position and prestige and would be opposed to Department’s instruction and policy.]

I am informed that present Cabinet rather expect and hope that the United States will acquiesce in, if not consent to and encourage, said decree of abrogation. Allied ministers are much opposed to said annulling decree and it is understood that Lenine, Premier of Russia, has suggested the step to Persian Cabinet. I have the honor to ask full instructions by telegraph.