File No. 763.72111/7012

The Persian Chargé ( Ali-Kuli Khan) to the Secretary of State

No. 48

Excellency: I have the honor to submit the following for Your Excellency’s information:

Some months ago, I heard of an alleged report in the German newspapers, attributing to the Persian Minister at Berlin certain statements which were derogatory to the neutrality of Persia. This I reported to the Persian Government by cable.

This Legation has now received by mail the copy of a long cablegram in cipher, which the Minister of Foreign Affairs at Teheran had sent in reply to my message mentioned above. A translation of that cablegram, which did not reach me at the time, follows:

Ali-Kuli Khan,
Legation of Persia, Washington.

In view of the Persian Government’s neutrality, it cannot at all be imagined that our Minister at Berlin may have expressed any inclination towards one side. Nay, he is endeavoring to preserve neutrality. [Page 908] Nor has any step been taken at Teheran which is in any way unneutral. Only because of the unfavorable policy of Russia and England people are offended. This annoyance will then be removed when those powers readjust that policy. You must make efforts in order that the American Government may kindly give effective advice to England. Here too we have fully notified the American Minister of the matter. We send you through the official mail of the American Legation, a second copy of memorandum containing important questions which should be carried out, and especially when peace comes. These will reach you duly. The object of this Government is to preserve complete neutrality and protect the sovereignty and integrity of Persia, and to declare as void and null all harmful agreements and concessions, a copy of which has been formerly sent you,—especially to declare null and void the capitulations and to make new commercial treaties which may be in conformity with the present needs of Persia. I expect you to do all you can and by the various means which are available to you in America to render a worthy service to the Empire. I await the result of your activity, and reports from you.

The original copy of the cablegram is enclosed herein.

May I request that Your Excellency will be kind enough to use your good offices in assisting Persia to fulfill all her just hopes and aspirations, to the end that her sovereignty and future prosperity be secured upon a firm basis.

Accept [etc.]

Mirza Ali-Kuli Khan, N. D.