The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page)


6310. You may confidentially and orally say to Mr. Balfour that Persia has appealed to the United States to guarantee Persia’s independence [Page 898] and sovereignty and to secure the evacuation of Persian territory by foreign troops, and that the Department is being pressed for a prompt and explicit reply. The Department has received reports from many reliable sources that an active propaganda is being carried on in Persia by Turks and Germans, as part of the Pan-Turanian movement, and that if the United States, which at present Persia considers its most disinterested friend, fails to comply with the requests made by Persia, that country will turn to Germany and Turkey. The Department considers the situation serious.

Ascertain Mr. Balfour’s views on general Persian situation, and whether in his opinion United States could help in any way towards preserving the independence of Persia and improving relations between Persia and the Entente Powers.