File No. 763.72/12246

The Special Envoy of the Armenian Catholicos ( Pasdermadjian) and the Representative of the Armenian National Delegation ( Sevasly) to the Secretary of State

Sir: Having regard to the impending surrender of Turkey as a belligerent to the Entente Powers, we respectfully beg leave to invite your attention to the case of the Armenians, whose vital interests are involved in all questions connected with such capitulation, and respectfully take occasion to solicit that in case of an armistice with Turkey, that the United States Government should bring to bear the weight of its influence with the Allied Governments, in order that the right of the Armenians be effectively safeguarded by the adoption of the following measures, viz:

The withdrawal of all Turkish troops not only from the Transcaucasian Armenian provinces, but also from the six Armenian vilayets of Turkey and from Cilicia;
The occupation of all strategic points by the Allied troops in the above mentioned territory;
The adoption of measures of a nature to prevent the Turkish Government from organising an influx of Turkish and Mohamedan immigrants into the Armenian territory;
The immediate organisation of an inter-Allied commission of relief having for its purpose to help the Armenian refugees scattered throughout Turkey and elsewhere, and the adoption of effective measures to secure the repatriation of all [Page 895]such refugees and deported Armenians to within the boundaries of the future Armenian state.
Pending the deliberation of the peace congress and until the final settlement of the Armenian question, all Armenian territory to be administered by a provisional inter-Allied government.

We are [etc.]

  • G. Pasdermadjian
  • Miran Sevasly