File No. 867.22/16

The French Ambassador ( Jusserand) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: My Government informs me that with the object of having France represented in the military operations that are taking place in Syria where her physical and moral interests are recognized by her allies and where she has been regarded for centuries as their appointed protector by the people, it has decided to increase the French contingent now in Palestine.

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As the corps of Armenian volunteers assembled in Cyprus is to form part of that contingent, it would be important to facilitate to the utmost the departure of Armenian volunteers from the United States.

In that end I am asked by the Government of the Republic to inquire of the Federal Government whether it would not be willing to let the Armenians who have enlisted in the American Army join their fellow countrymen in Cyprus and fight for the liberation of their coreligionists in Turkey.

I should be thankful to Your Excellency if you would take up this question with the proper Federal authorities and acquaint me with the decision that shall be reached on this request of my Government.

Be pleased to accept [etc.]