File No. 860c.01/150

The Minister in Switzerland ( Stovall) to the Secretary of State


5150. Following received from local representative of Regency:

On October 7 the Regency Council issued a manifesto in which they declare that the wishes of the Polish Nation at the present time are clear, unanimous and resolute. Recalling the programme of President Wilson, which has been accepted by the whole world as the basis of the international relations of the future, the Regency Council declare:

In respect of Poland, this programme promises the creation of an independent Polish state composed of all the Polish territories with access to the sea. The political and economic independence and the integrity of this territory ought to be guaranteed by international treaties.

For the realization of this programme, the Polish Nation ought to act unanimously and to employ, all alike, its forces, so that its unshakeable will should be recognized by the whole world.

With this end in view we hereby decree as follows:

The Council of State is dissolved.
A Government composed of the representatives of all the classes of the population and of all political parties is to be created.
This Government is to elaborate in common with the representatives of the political parties an electoral law for the convocation of the Polish Diet. This electoral law is to be based on the most democratic principles and is to be presented to us for our assent and promulgated within one month.
Immediately after the convocation of the Diet and the committee on supreme authority of state, the preliminary council will place their powers in the hand of this authority in accordance with the oaths which they took.

Poles, the lot of our country is at the present to a great extent in your own hands. Let us all show ourselves worthy of these high aspirations which were the dreams of our fathers and forefathers during a century of oppression and misery. Let all which could divide us vanish and let us all unanimously arise [with] one powerful cry: Long live Poland united and independent!