File No. 860c.01/132

The Minister in Switzerland ( Stovall) to the Secretary of State


4470. Jan Perlowski, a reliable Pole with whom Department is familiar, informed Wilson that he received message from Warsaw from reliable circles to following effect.

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Von Hintze is anxious to show immediate settlement with Poland as tangible result of his activities as opposed to Kühlmann’s dilatory-policy. Hintze therefore pressing Austria hard to obtain acceptance of German solution of Polish problem. Austria in no shape to resist because of internal condition. Poland’s game is to play one against the other and endeavor at all costs to prevent Austrian and German Governments coming to accord over Poland. They submit therefore following question: “If independent united Poland, with access to the sea, desired to contract a voluntary union with a neighboring state, Germany excepted, if that union were the price of concessions which that state needs make elsewhere to assure a general peace, would the principles of your Government be opposed thereto?” Perlowski explained that a favorable answer to this question would enable the Poles in Vienna to stiffen auspicious resistance to German demands and spoil Hintze’s endeavors toward a solution. Perlowski stated matter was most urgent.

Wilson felt he had no right to give even an expression of personal opinion in this connection.

If Department desires to give an expression of opinion Perlowski could transmit it as views of the Department or personal views of Wilson according as Department desires.

In addition to and entirely separated from the foregoing, I respectfully suggest that this furnishes a good opportunity to allay uneasiness instigated by Germany’s propaganda in Poland as to Poland’s [danger from] reconstituted Russia. Some such informal message as following might be given: “Recent events in Russia have caused no change in the principles governing the action of the American Government toward Poland’s future, principles which have already been clearly stated by President Wilson.” In this connection consult my telegram No. 4450, August 23, 5 p.m.