File No. 763.72/10279

The British Embassy to the Department of State


His Majesty’s Ambassador has received a telegram from Mr. Balfour, stating that in view of the fact that the Czecho-Slovaks on the Italian and western fronts have been so active in co-operating with the Allies, and also of the fact that there are approximately 50,000 men of this nationality in Russia, composed partly of prisoners and deserters, whom it is hoped to organize so as to use them against the enemy either in France or Russia, he has informed the representative of the Czecho-Slovak National Council that His Majesty’s [Page 811] Government are prepared to recognize the Council in the same manner as it has been recognized by the French and Italian Governments. He is giving them an assurance of recognition of their Army as an organized unit labouring in the cause of the Allies, adding that His Majesty’s Government will be ready to attach a British liaison officer to that Army as soon as such a step appears advisable. His Majesty’s Government have also given an assurance that they will grant the Council the same political rights as regards the civil force of the Czecho-Slovaks as have already been accorded to the Polish National Committee.