File No. 863.00/79

The Minister in Switzerland ( Stovall ) to the Secretary of State


3419. From the Narodni Listi of Prague dated 16th instant I learn great demonstration took place at fiftieth anniversary of city theatre on 15th under presidency of Kramář and that resolutions of most important character were adopted. This meeting is of unusual importance in that for the first time representatives of Yugo-Slavs, Galicians, Ukrainians and Poles met with Czechs and were united in their declarations against their common enemies, Austria and Germany. Austrian official communiqué speaks of serious nature of resolutions adopted and of order for severe preventive measures to be taken. The above-mentioned paper has been suppressed. From independent sources the gravity of this meeting is emphasized.

Reading between the lines, it appears possible that the first step has been taken in the long-expected revolt of the oppressed nationalities against Austria. (See my 3391, May 16, 11 a.m.) It is doubtless taken at the present time before repressive measures can be adopted in accordance with program presumably drawn up between the two Emperors at recent meeting.

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It seems urgently important that every moral assistance be given in the way of demonstrations in the United States by the nationalities affected by this news. I suggest that if it meets with approval of the Department, Professor Masaryk of Chicago, one of the Czech leaders, be advised.