File No. 763.72119/1446

The Special Agent at Corfu ( Dodge) to the Secretary of State


Premier Pashitch requests me to telegraph that the parliamentary opposition seriously complains that he failed to inform the Allies regarding Servia’s national aspirations and that they declare that consequently the President of the United States and Lloyd George’s speeches did not mention realization of Servia’s vital national aspirations but only her restoration and access to the sea. Premier inquires whether the Government of the United States would have any objection to his stating in Parliament if necessary that the President of the United States’ speeches did not describe detailed programme of war aims but only briefly summarized them and that if Servia’s allies won the war they would meet Serbo-Croat national aspirations as far as possible. Although if the Government of the United States found such a statement opportune he would be greatly obliged and thought that it would quiet the opposition and strengthen them to resist the enemy to the end, he did not wish to ask for anything which the Government of the United States would not care to grant. He had made similar request to the British Minister.

Premier referred to reports from The Hague of peace offers made by Servia to the Central Powers, indignantly denying them. Crown Prince also emphatically denied them to the British Minister. Deadlock regarding formation of a Cabinet mentioned in my February 27, 10 p.m.,1 continues, all the opposition groups showing greatest irritation against Pashitch.

  1. Not printed.