File No. 763.72119/1165

The Special Agent at Corfu ( Dodge) to the Secretary of State


Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs has read British Minister and myself long telegram in reply to request of Acting Minister for [Page 791] Foreign Affairs from Premier Pashitch now at Salonica giving his impressions of the recent message of the President of the United States1 and the speech of the British Premier.2 The following is the substance of these remarks which the Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs requests me to telegraph immediately although adding that the Prime Minister will speak further to me upon his impending return.

The speech of British Premier as far as known to me by apparently conclusive extracts has surprised, disillusioned, and given anxiety for the future and liberty of Servian people, having apparently renounced principle that every people should have right of self-disposition and of determining its destinies. Nothing is said of the desire and struggle of Servian people to unite, nor of Jugo-Slavia, which alone could be strong bulwark against Austrian-German eastern pressure. Nor are the Servian people placed on an equal footing with Italians, Roumanians, and Poles, as the Allies said [nothing] of satisfaction of Servian national aspirations. There is mention only of restoration for Servia and not of reparation as for Belgium although Servia has suffered more. The Serbs, Croatians and Slovenes have shown far greater determination for union and have made far greater efforts and sacrifices than peoples of the Trentino and Transylvania. Reparation for the violation of the neutrality of Belgium mentioned but nothing about violation by Austro-Hungarian Empire of the treaty of Berlin nor regarding reparation for Bosnia-Herzegovina now under the terrible Austrian yoke which demand the right of self disposition and which furnished pretext for this war. Dismemberment of Austro-Hungarian Empire is stated not to be intended but only the assurance of liberty tor her peoples although Austro-Hungarian Empire have suppressed all the rights and liberties of peoples who only consented to have a common chief of the state on condition of retaining their internal autonomy. The same omissions are also made in the President’s message with this difference that he mentioned Servia’s right of access to the sea although the sea coast of Servian Dalmatia extends 500 kilometers. Although desiring liberty of the peoples, 43 millions foreign peoples are left in the Austro-Hungarian Empire which so long as Hapsburg dynasty remains will remain instruments of German militarist policy.

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